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Work That Matters

Breakthrough marketing demands intelligent investigation, brave concepts, flawless execution and an appetite to capture the hearts and minds of each target audience. At xiik, everyone plays a pivotal role in overcoming the obstacles holding back your brand and bottom line by forging strategic, creative solutions that elevate your organization.


We’re here to help you grow.

Department Leads
  • Client_Icon
    Client Services
    Your unwavering advocate, we communicate your goals and safeguard your brand.
  • Strategy
    Asking the right questions, we cull the latest research to guide concepts with informed insights.
  • Creative_Icon
    We make the art and write the words to connect strategy with a bold design vision.
  • Operation_Icon
    We keep our team happy, organized and focused on clients & creative.
Principled DNA
At xiik, our DNA consists of the following 10 behaviors and skills. They have to do with who we are, what we do and how we act. We hire and support people who demonstrate these 10 things. They’re rooted in common sense and communal integrity. They’re considerate and human. We stand by them and revisit […]
xiik Serves Everyone
Open For Service sticker
The life of our agency — any agency, really — is stitched from the synergy between its team, clients, and community. All effective relationships, professional or personal, are built upon listening and trust. In that spirit, the xiik team is resolved to profess to any and all with whom we collaborate: This agency serves everyone. In the […]