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Principled DNA


Principled DNA

At xiik, our DNA consists of the following 10 behaviors and skills. They have to do with who we are, what we do and how we act. We hire and support people who demonstrate these 10 things. They’re rooted in common sense and communal integrity. They’re considerate and human.

We stand by them and revisit them often.

  1. Be Accountable & Act Responsibly
  2. Get There Together
  3. Connect Meaningfully Through Openness & Honesty
  4. Make Everyone Better Through Learning & Teaching
  5. Deliver Value & Create Results
  6. Push the Limits of Greatness
  7. Be Passionate & Positive
  8. Understand the Consumer & Create with Purpose
  9. Drive Opportunity Through Profits
  10. Find Reasons to Smile

What standards or beliefs does your company live by?

Melissa Zabel | VP of Operations See More Posts | More About Melissa Zabel
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