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Ride free on IndyGo & skip the Uber this 4th of July


Ride free on IndyGo & skip the Uber this 4th of July

Last week, IndyGo held the grand opening of the new Julia M. Carson Transit Center in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Located at the corner of Washington and Delaware, the futuristic-looking building creates a nice juxtaposition against its backdrop of historic buildings, and fits nicely into Indy’s increasingly urban landscape.

The transit center serves as an official hub for all of the Indy buses, providing a safe and warm waiting area for passengers. It even has free wifi (word on the street is that it might get a coffee shop soon, too).

To celebrate the new opening, you can ride IndyGo free for remainder of the week. So skip the Uber/Lyft this weekend when you head downtown to watch July 4th fireworks, or to fill your belly with the delicious food from Taste of Indy.

Check out a full list of routes here, and enjoy the free ride.



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