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Welcome to xiik: Ben Hewett


Welcome to xiik: Ben Hewett

Be swift to hear and slow to speak. We each have two ears and one mouth. The ancient Irish language has a phrase that states it succinctly: “Eist moran agus can beagan” or “Hear much and say little.”

As someone with this mentality tattooed on my arm, I’m often befuddled in certain situations, asking myself whether two parties ever stopped voicing their opinions long enough to truly listen to the other. Is he really hearing the other person when she’s speaking, or is he too busy formulating his own argument to spit out whenever she takes a breath?

Hear much and say little.

Don’t be afraid to speak, but listen first. The day I took my first job offer out of college—a lowly client service representative position for a web application company—I began heeding this advice in my professional career and beyond.

And it has taken me places. It’s taken me into inner client circles where I was entrusted with sensitive projects. It’s guided me through the awesome adventure of marriage with my wife, Joey. It’s led me through my career in technology product development to project management to client services—from Indianapolis where I grew up, to Xavier University in Cincinnati where I began my career, to Denver, back to Indianapolis, to Portland…and finally, back to Indianapolis—to xiik.

When building relationships, a listen-first attitude is important. It’s especially critical in a marketing agency like xiik. Listening to the client, listening to the creative voices of the team, listening to the consumer—all are key if a campaign (or an agency) is going to succeed. I’m thrilled to join the team at xiik, surrounded by a team that embodies the same philosophy.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard, professionally or otherwise?
Outside the office, I like to go to a lot of concerts. One of the wildest shows I’ve been to was a Flaming Lips concert in Columbus several years ago. Those guys know how to entertain a crowd. Dancing robots, aliens, confetti, hundreds of giant inflatable balloons, and the lead singer getting in a life-size hamster ball walking out over the crowd? That was more than just listening to music. It was quite the experience.

It’s my turn to listen. What do I need to know about you?
I like to be active. My wife and I love to hike and spend time outdoors. We also both love to travel. Combined, we’ve been to Russia, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, Jamaica, Canada (eh?), Austria, Italy, the Dominican Republic, and Djibouti. Ok, not really Djibouti, but it’s fun to say. On evenings and weekends in the spring, summer, and fall, you can find me on the pitch playing the Irish field sport of hurling with the Indy GAA. If you don’t know what hurling is, you should. Google it.

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