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Welcome to xiik: Bri Ruiz


Welcome to xiik: Bri Ruiz

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been driven by two things: insatiable curiosity, and a passion to create. I’ve been dabbling in all realms of creativity and design since I was a toddler — drawing fashion designs and vast landscapes, making and choreographing music videos to the latest Britney Spears hit, and even editing the code of my MySpace profile themes to make sure they accurately reflected my pre-teen mood swings.

I was also notorious in my family for always asking questions — about EVERYTHING. “But why, mommy?” probably echoed through my mom’s dreams (or nightmares) for years.

Now, I’m a college grad with a degree in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University, and not much has changed (maybe I’ve gotten a little taller). Throughout college, I was fortunate to have multiple internships at various agencies in the greater Lafayette area, a magazine publishing company, a wealth management firm, and Purdue’s Center for Career Opportunities. I was also President of our American Advertising Federation chapter and participated in the National Student Advertising Competition for 3 years.

Through these experiences, I’ve gained experience in everything from design, to copywriting and social media, to account management and strategy — which brings me to xiik. Being the organizational aficionado that I am, I had a Google doc full of information about any and every agency I’ve ever been interested in. I liked xiik for their focus on developing a sound strategy for their clients, and I was intrigued by the “start-up” feel of the company.

As a Creative Intern, I’m excited to refine my skillsets and work in such an awesome agency.

Are you still a Britney Spears fan?
Yes — I actually got to see her show in Vegas last summer. We had floor seats and went 2 hours early to get a good spot. The only thing separating Britney and I was a small gate, an 18-inch gap and some grumpy security guards. I even touched a backup dancer’s hand. Hands down the best experience of my life.

Can you sing or dance?
I can lip sync pretty well. I actually won the 6th grade Lip Sync Competition at my middle school, singing “Suds in a Bucket” by Sara Evans. But, I definitely needed the most help out of my group. In general, I lack any sort of rhythm or musical abilities. My mom used to make me practice the recorder in the garage in elementary school because I was so bad.

Any other interesting facts about you?
My go-to answer for this question is that I went to middle school with Amish kids. They usually drop out after 8th grade. My first job was working as a busser at an Amish restaurant called Das Dutchman Essenhaus.

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