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What Part of Indiana Are You From? Right Near Da Beech! Boy-ee!

Beech Grove

What Part of Indiana Are You From? Right Near Da Beech! Boy-ee!

We’re nearing the end of our journey, my friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour so far. We’ve got three more stops on the ride: Beech Grove, and two stops in the ‘Burbs (Greenwood and Carmel). Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle, and buckle up!

I’m sure you’re all very excited to hear about Beech Grove. I know that it’s not the most exciting place in Indianapolis, but from doing my research, I’ve found that it doesn’t deserve a bad rep, either. Much like Speedway, The Grove’s residents enjoy being close to downtown, but without all the hectic activity. Last week, I spoke with my buddy, Matt Adkins, who has lived in Beech Grove for the last couple years.

Matt loves the small-town feel of Beech Grove, saying that while you’re still only 20 minutes from Indy’s nightlife or a Pacers or Colts game, when you’re in Beech Grove, it’s like any small town in the USA. The local pride centers around Beech Grove High School, and just last week most of Matt’s block banded together to help create a Homecoming float for the parade.

While there is a lot of pride in the community and local high school, Beech Grove isn’t without flaws. Matt said the community is on the older side, and if you go downtown on a Friday night around 9:30 it’s completely dead. He thinks in order for the community to really be great, it may need an infusion of young blood like what Fountain Square or Irvington has experienced. The downtown area has a lot of potential, but much like Speedway, it’s still probably a few years away from reaching it.

Also, just like Speedway, Matt raved about the affordability of the community. Matt and his new bride, Rosemary, looked all over the city before they purchased their house in The Grove. They looked at Broad Ripple, Irvington, Fountain Square (basically everyplace I’ve written about) and found that they could get double the house for half the price.

Matt and Rosemary’s favorite place to eat in Beech Grove is Napoli Villa, on Main Street in the heart of the community. Matt knows his Italian food, so I think it’s a good idea to take his advice on this one and check it out.

Sure, Beech Grove isn’t glamorous, but it’s sincere. You’re probably not going to make grand Friday plans to head South, but if you’re looking for a quiet Saturday in a community that cares, capped off by a nice Italian dinner, you should definitely head to The Grove.

Next Week: The ‘Burbs!

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