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xiik Serves Everyone

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xiik Serves Everyone

The life of our agency — any agency, really — is stitched from the synergy between its team, clients, and community. All effective relationships, professional or personal, are built upon listening and trust. In that spirit, the xiik team is resolved to profess to any and all with whom we collaborate:

This agency serves everyone.

In the wake of the passage of Indiana SB 101, we state unequivocally that this legislation does not reflect the values of our agency.

xiik celebrates the great diversity we have in both team talent and clientele, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliation, or ethnicity. We could never excel in what we do without a commitment to openness and empathy. One of the tenets of our cultural DNA is “Get There Together.” Our doors remain open to all, along with our minds and hearts.

We don’t have a storefront window to place our sticker, but we stand tall with colleagues like Salesforce, Cummins, Eskenazi Health, Eli Lilly and Co., Mayor Ballard, our sister company nimblejack, and a fast-growing community of businesses, organizations, religious groups and individuals who believe that the route to a prosperous Indiana lies in fostering a society of inclusion.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating diversity in a visible way by expressing your support at

-Chris “Topher” Overstreet, President, xiik

Chris “Topher” Overstreet | Founder & President See More Posts | More About Chris “Topher” Overstreet
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